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Avoid license points. Avoid insurance rate hikes. Avoid court appearances.

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Avoid license points, insurance rate hikes, court appearances.

Caught speeding in northeastern North Carolina?

We’ve been successfully representing clients like you for over 25 years. We’re northeastern North Carolina natives. Born and bred. We’re very familiar with how each county processes tickets and tries cases, and we use that experience to your advantage.

Attorney Sam Dixon

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Relieve the stress and hassle of dealing with your speeding ticket. After our free consultation, we’ll let you know the fee for representing you. By retaining us, you’ll certainly save time — and often save money.

Attorney Sam Dixon can often submit a Waiver of Appearance for you so you won’t need to travel to the county seat for court appearances.

A Testimonial
“I am licensed in another state and received a speeding ticket. From my initial consultation Mr. Dixon handled my matter professionally and promptly. I was able to avoid missed time from work, but more importantly, my driving record was maintained. The fees were very reasonable.”
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